May 11, 2010

The time for comprehensive immigration reform is now.

The time for comprehensive immigration reform is now. Each day Congress delays a much-needed comprehensive immigration reform, 1,000 people are deported, 33,000 are held in detention, one dies in the desert, and millions live in fear. This is not the kind of society in which I want to live.

I want to live in a country where fathers are not torn from their families without a trial. Under current laws, legal permanent residents with two minor drug convictions can be deported to countries they left decades ago as infants. This law needs to be changed. Now.

In the current system, the sole breadwinner in a family of U.S. citizens can be picked up on the street, thrown into detention, and deported without ever speaking to a lawyer. This needs to change. Now.

Every day that Congress fails to take on immigration reform, we, as a society, are failing to do what we can to ensure that children are not separated from their parents, that families are not terrorized in their sleep when ICE agents pound on their door, and that all members of our society are treated with dignity.

So, before copycat Arizona legislation spreads like wildfire, before ICE goes on a deporting spree to meet its quotas, before another innocent person dies in ICE detention, CIR must be enacted.

Pick up your phone, call your representative and tell them that the time is now.

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  1. Agreed. And at the same time, let's make sure that those who are here, are here LEGALLY!