May 8, 2010

Cooling off in Rio Vermelho in Goias, Brazil

The Rio Vermelho runs right through the center of Cidade Goias (also known as Goias Velho). During the rainy season, the river is full of a reddish mud – thus giving it its name the Red River. However, as soon as the skies clear and the rain ceases in early April, the river begins to run clear.

By mid-May, you can see right to the bottom of the Rio Vermelho. There is a bridge in the center of Cidade Goias – you can stand on it and watch fish swim by. The fish seem to have learned that people often throw goodies down for them and congregate in a pool right below the bridge.

If you follow the river upstream, you will come to the Fonte da Carioca – a popular bathing spot for townspeople and visitors alike. Fonte da Carioca is a small waterfall that pours down into a shallow pool. It is perfect for cooling off on a hot day in Cidade Goias – which happens to be just about every day.

We usually take the girls to Fonte da Carioca after lunch. They enjoy walking on the rocks of the small waterfall, swimming in the shallow pool, and looking for baby fish. As we are in the dry season, you can see the fish swimming by. Fortunately, they are not very easy to catch. Fishing in the Rio Vermelho is a federal crime, and we wouldn’t want our daughters to be arrested for violating the law.

Downstream, the river leads to the city park. The city park has a trail where residents walk the 1km path each dawn and dusk.

The Rio Vermelho is definitely one of the highlights of Cidade Goias.

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