January 7, 2010

Boca Chica looks less nice after seeing the north coast

We took advantage of our last day of the school holiday yesterday to go to Boca Chica. This time around, it seemed less nice than the first time we visited. This is most likely because the first time we visited, we had not seen the Caribbean Sea in several months. So, the white sand, clear water and warm climes were enough to appease us.

This time, however, as we were just on the north coast and have been in the Dominican Republic for nearly two months, it was less appealing. Boca Chica does have the lovely white sand and clear, blue water. However, this time, I couldn’t help but take notice of the little pieces of trash in the water, and the ever-so-faint smell of sewage that I kept trying to ignore. Plus, the vendors are omni-present and somewhat insistent.

I will say that I did enjoy sitting on the beach more than sitting at home. And, the fried fish sold just behind the beach was delicious. Also, the vibe on the beach was upbeat, and the kids had fun playing with the other children. They also finally got to try out their snorkeling equipment. The surf was too rough in Sosua for snorkeling. In Boca Chica, however, there is a protective reef such that there are no waves to speak of. This also makes Boca Chica ideal for water sports such as sea kayaking, jet skiing, and paddle boating. The kids had a lot of fun jumping off of and paddling on the boat we rented for an hour.

Given the ups and downs of Boca Chica, next time we decide to take a day-cation from Santo Domingo, we will either go further East, or try out the beaches to the west of the city.

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