November 9, 2009

Nine foods I will miss when we leave Guatemala

As we move each three months to a new country, I find myself thinking of the foods I will have less opportunity to enjoy in our new destination. Of course, the next destination will hold new delights, but there are some things about Guatemala I will definitely miss.

1) First and foremost, the tortillas. Not the ones in the supermarket, not the ones made from Maseca, but the ones made by the tortilleras. Tortilleras are women who spend their whole day making tortillas. In the morning, they grind the corn, and spend the rest of the day patting out fresh masa into delicious, hot tortillas.

2) Avocados. Guatemalan avocados are big, juicy, meaty, and green. They are delicious and much more affordable than in the US!

3) Black beans. Sure, you can get black beans most places. But, the ubiquitous refried Guatemala black beans are some of the tastiest I have tried.

4) Kac-kiq (Cack-kik) de chunte. A big old turkey leg in a thick, delicious caldo, served with rice and tamalitos.

5) Jocón. A scrumptious green chicken stew made with fresh herbs. The chicken simmers in the ground cilantro, yerbabuena, and parsley until it falls off the bone.

6) Hilachas. Tender shredded beef in a delicious tomato sauce. Served with rice and tortillas, with lemon and salsa to taste.

7) Caldo de gallina. Not chicken, but hen, soup. Home-raised chicken is cooked for hours, making a delicious soup, accompanied with vegetables.

8) Caldo de pata. Okay, I didn’t actually eat the cow foot, but I enjoyed the flavorful red broth and the variety of vegetables in this stew – cabbage, huisquil, carrots, celery, potatoes, and yucca.

9) Fresh ground cacao balls. Simmered in milk with cinnamon and cloves – the perfect way to end the day.

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  1. Oh man. The delicious delights! You had me at tortillas and avocados!