October 7, 2009

Shyne to be deported to Belize

Hip-hop artist Shyne is scheduled to be deported to his native Belize on Friday, October 9, 2009. After serving nearly nine years of a ten year sentence for a violent crime, as a legal permanent resident of the US, he faces automatic deportation.

Some sources are implying that he may be able to fight this case. He likely has the resources to pay a good lawyer. However, there are limited grounds on which he could possibly contest this case. Actually, there are only two real possiblities I can think of. (Not that I am a lawyer or anything.)

One way would be to prove that he is in fact a US citizen. If his mother turns out to have been a US citizen at the time he was born, then he may automatically be a citizen. This seems doubtful, as it appears his mother was from Belize. Nevertheless, a possiblity. (The same goes for his father, but it seems pretty clear his father is not a US citizen.)

Another way would be for the Governor of New York to grant him a pardon. This is perhaps even less likely. He served a long sentence for a violent crime, not the sort of thing Governors usually pardon. (The President could also pardon him for the crime, but that is even less likely.)

Beyond those two ways, it is highly unlikely that Shyne will not be deported to Belize.

That said, things shouldn't be too bad for him over there. His father is Prime Minister, and presumably he has been making money off of the albums he has been selling since he was locked up in 2001.

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