July 15, 2009

Another day in Kingston

This morning, I got the girls ready for camp while Nando fixed breakfast. Tatiana, Soraya, and Raymi are really enjoying their summer program at Edna Manley College for the Visual Arts. Each afternoon, I ask them what they did at camp. They say it was fun, but don't really want to give out any more info. I am just pleased they haven't started complaining about going yet. Probably a month in the house with us was a good antidote for those complaints.

Tatiana and Soraya on the way to camp

After camp, Nando took the girls down to the waterfront, with his friend, Ska. I thought about joining them. But, I also thought about the opportunity to get a lot of work done. I decided to stay in and get working on my book manuscript. It looks like I might have a contract for my book manuscript on immigration policy, so I took the afternoon to check my citations and footnotes, after spending the morning working on the conclusion.

It looks like Nando and the girls had fun at the waterfront. I had a somewhat relaxing day working from home.

Raymi at the waterfront

Soraya down by the water

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  1. That's so exciting about your possible contract for the book on immigration policy! Way to go!